Home Phone Specialist in USA

Landline phone service includes features like caller idcall forwarding or call diversionspeed dialcall waiting or call on holdcall block or call screening facilities and voice mail or voice recording facilities. Landline phones have also witnessed structural changes during this long journey. It has evolved from switchboard and cable telephony to self-dialing and cordless era. In the 1980s, the standards for the International Services Digital Network were released. With digital networking, the speech quality of telephone calls improved drastically leading to further rise in popularity of the landline phone service

Home Phone Specialist in USA

Meanwhile, the handset moved from cords to cordless. As various studies indicate, the landline phone service is losing its market to the mobile phones which are more popular with the youth. A research conducted by Pew Research Centre revealed that in 2013 about 91% of adults in the United States owned and used cell phones. Yet another survey conducted in 2017 revealed that only 45.9% households in the US had landlines. Despite dwindling numbers and stiff competition from rising mobile subscriptions, there is still a dedicated lot that uses and enjoys the landline phone service.


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