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Landline phone service provider:-

Landline phone service providers are a quintessential part of the telecommunications sector. Home phone service has been present in the USA since the invention of the telephone itself.
Unlike most countries, the landline phone service is not provided by the government in the USA. Private companies like the AT&T, Verizon, SBC, Bell South, Sprint and MCI are some of the landline phone service providers in the US.

The first telephone company set up in the US was at the same time as the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell and was by the same founder too. The Bell Telephone Company was set in 1879. This was acquired by another company established by Alexander Graham Bell -- American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) -- in 1885. Prior to the acquisition, Bell Telephone had laid long-distance network called the AT&T Long Lines in 1980. This was the pioneer work that laid the foundation of long-distance telephony in America. The lines which started from New York had extended its network to Chicago by 1892. The network reached San Francisco by 1915 when the company conducted its first transcontinental telephone call service. However, the only hitch then was the trans-Atlantic service which could not be achieved till 1927. Even when it started it was using the two-way radio system as the trans-Atlantic telephone cable had not been laid. This was finally achieved in 1956 with the launch of the TAT-1 starting with 36 telephonic circuits.

Meanwhile, as part of the Bell Telephone Company’s endevours, the first commercial telephone service between New Haven in Connecticut, USA and London, England, was established in 1878 and 1879. Also, a number of telephone exchanges were set up across the US. 

Apart from AT&T, there are a number of landline phone service providers functioning in the US. These are:

Frontier Communications – Frontier Communications provides services in rural areas in 24 states.
CenturyLink – This company is present and provides services in 33 states.
FairPoint -  FairPoint provides services in 15 states.
Windstream – This company is present in 29 states.
Hawaiin Telcom
Claro Puerto Rico
Cincinnati Bell

Traditional landline phones depend on a huge network for providing quality service. The phones are connected with a jack to a network of wires that route the call. This system has taken a leap with the internet services sweeping the US in the 21st century. A number of changes in the tariff and structure of landline phone service has occurred since then.

While one of the primary benefits of the landline connection is its reliability, it is also cost efficient. The strong presence of mobile telephony in India may have affected the number of landline phones in use today, but it is still an essential part of every household.

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